Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the deep science of tasawwuf, which is considered the core of the Deen. The subjects to be dealt with will be:

1.       Definition of Tasawwuf

2.       First steps of Tasawwuf

3.       Keeping away from the outward haram protecting the seven limbs

4.       The inward haram: the Diseases of the Heart

5.       The Shaykh

6.       The virtues of the heart:

7.       Benefits of Tasawwuf:

8.       Correcting some wrong believes about Tasawwuf

9.       Why so many Muslims believe Tasawwuf is a bid’a

The science of tasawwuf – also known as maqam iḥsān – starts by being conscious that Allah is watching us (murāqaba). This state of watchfulness brings about a process of purification of the heart (tazkiya) and a modification of our behavior (akhlāq), throughout a journey that will take us to the contemplation of presence of the King of kings (mushāhada). It is the ancestral science of direct experience of the Real.  This science cannot be acquired by the study of books or listening of talks. This science is the science of the dismantling of the self which is the main barrier between our souls and what our souls are and have always longed for: the encounter with their Creator.

This course will provide the serious student with an introduction to this essential science. The main sourcebook for this course will be the chapter on Tasawwuf of the Murshid al-Mu’in of Ibn ‘Ashir and its commentaries.

Course Information:

Classes will be live and will last 45 minutes. At the end of the 45 minutes a 15 minutes question and answer window will be open. Students will be able to view the sessions on a ‘Wiziq’ platform and download the recording of the session along with the instructor’s notes in the presentation.
Shaykh Ali Laraki al-Husaini will do his best to respond to these questions at the live Q&A Session.

Course Overview by Session:

First Session:

·         Definition of Tasawwuf

·         First steps of Tasawwuf

–       Tawba

–       Taqwa

Second Session:

·         Keeping away from the outward haram protecting the seven limbs

·         The inward haram: the Diseases of the Heart I

–       Riya’ (showing off)

–       Sum’a (love of prestige)

–       Hasad (envy)

Third session:

The Diseases of the Heart II

–       ‘Ujb (conceit)

–       Kibr (arrogance)

–       Other diseases

Fourth session

·         The Shaykh

–       Functions of the Shaykh

–       Conditions of the Shaykh

·         Muhasaba (reckoning)


Fifth session

·         Dhikr (remembering)

·         Mujahadat an-nafs (fighting the ego)

·         The virtues of the heart I

–       Khawf (fear)

–       Raja’ (hope)

–       Shukr (gratitude)

–       Sabr (steadfastness)

–       Zuhd (doing without)

–       Tawakkul (reliance)

Sixth session

·         The virtues of the heart II

–       Rida (satisfaction)

–       Mahabba (love)

–       Sidq (sincerity)

·         Benefits of Tasawwuf:

–       Ma’rifa (gnosis)

–       Hurriya (freedom)

–       Hubbullah (Allah’s love)

–       Hadra al-Quds (the Pure Presence)

·         Correcting some wrong beliefes about Tasawwuf

·         Why some Muslims nowadays believe Tasawwuf is a bid’a