Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with a clear vision of how to perform the Hajj according to the school of Imam Malik. The subjects to be dealt with will be:

  • Introduction to Ḥajj
  • Conditions of Ḥajj
  • The elements of Ḥajj
  • The pillars of Ḥajj
  • Sacrificial slaughtering
  • The obligatory elements of Ḥajj
  • Description of Ḥajj
  • Rules of Iḥrām
  • ʿUmra
  • Adab of the Ḥaram of Makka
  • Adab visiting the tomb of the Prophet (saws)

and much more.

This is an introductory level suitable for beginners but will also be beneficial to students of all levels. The main sourcebook of this course will be the chapter on Hajj of the Murshid al-Mu’in of Ibn ‘Ashir and its commentaries, and the Risala of Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani and its commentaries. Reference will also be made to the Aqrab al-Masalik and its commentaries, the Mukhtasar of Khalil and its commentaries, as well as other modern and authoritative works.


Course Overview by Week:

  1. Introduction to Hajj. Conditions of Ḥajj. The elements of Ḥajj. The pillars of Ḥajj. Sacrificial slaughtering.
  2. The obligatory elements of Ḥajj. Assuming iḥrām.
  3. Reaching Makka. Ṭawāf al-Qudūm. Saʿy.
  4. Rulings of Ṭawāf and Saʿy. Waiting for ‘Arafa. In ‘Arafa. Muzdalifa. First stoning at Minā.
  5. Tawāf al-Ifāḍa. Second stoning at Minā. Rules of Ihram.
  6. Rules of Ihram (continuation). ‘Umra. Adab of the Ḥaram of Makka. Visiting the tomb of the Prophet (saws). Returning home.