The Meem Institute has designed a program at the end of which a Diploma in Sharia Sciences DSS) can be obtained. The Meem Institute DSS , when completed, will provide the student with a solid basis in the sciences of the Deen. The DSS is divided into two levels, the first one being the necessary knowledge that every educated Muslim should have and the second being the basis for further progression into a deeper knowledge of the sciences of the Deen.

DSS levels are outlined as follows with the principle texts in brackets:

Diploma in Sharia Sciences Level I

1.       Qur’an:

·         Tajwid I (al-Jazariyya)

·         Memorisation I

2.       Tafsir of the Short Suras I (al-Jalalayn / at-Tashil li ‘Ulum at-Tanzil)

3.       Hadith I (The 40 Hadiths of an-Nawawi)

4.       Sira I

5.       ‘Aqida (al-Murshid al-Mu’in/ Risala al-Qayrawani)

6.       Fiqh (‘Ibadat) (al-Murshid al-Mu’in / Risala)

7.       Introduction to Tasawwuf (al-Murshid al-Mu’in)

8.       Introduction to Arabic Grammar I (al-Ajurrumiyya)

Diploma in Sharia Sciences Level II

1.       Qur’an:

·         Tajwid II (al-Jazariyya)

·         Memorisation II

2.       Tafsir of the Short Suras II (al-Jalalayn / at-Tashil)

3.       Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur’an

4.       Hadith II (The 40 Hadiths of an-Nawawi)

5.       Introduction to the Sciences of the Hadith (al-Bayquniyya)

6.       Sira (ash-Shama’il al-Muhammadiyyah)

7.       ‘Aqida (Jawhara at-Tawhid)

8.       Fiqh al-Mu’amalat (Risala / Aqrab al-Masalaik)

9.       Introduction to Usul al-Fiqh (Waraqat Imam al-Haramayn)

10.   Introduction to Tasawwuf II (al-Hikam al-‘Ata’iyyah / Bidayatul Hidaya)

11.   Introduction to Arabic Grammar II & III (al-Ajurrumiyya)

The Diploma in Sharia Sciences syllabusis based on well-known classical manuals of each discipline which are studied in the scholarly traditional centres of knowledge of North and West Africa (such as the Qarawiyyin, Zaytuna and Timbuktu). The syllabuses are taught in a way that is meaningful, understandable and applicable for Muslims living in the West.

After successfully completing the DSS Level I and DSS Level II syllabuses, students will be eligible to apply for the DSS. In order to be granted a DSS, students have to take a DSS Level I or DSS Level II exam (an examination fee will apply).

Receiving the DSS Level I means that the student has been certified in his/her understanding of the subjects; and that they can now teach what they have learned to new Muslims, children at madrasas and Islamic schools and to their own children.

Receiving the DSS Level II will provide its bearer a deeper and broader knowledge of the Deen and will enable the student to become an Imam and teach adult Muslims the basic knowledge of their Deen. DSS Level II has been designed to be the first step towards an ‘Alim Degree.

If you have previously taken a course with the Meem Institute and wish to complete the Diploma then please contact us.