Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with a clear vision of the Zakat according to the school of Malik in particular. The subjects to be dealt with will be:

–       Introduction to Zakat

–       Conditions of Zakat

–       Wealth subject to Zakat

–       Minimum zakatable amount (niṣāb) and percentage paid

–       Zakat on crops, livestock, money, trade, debts, mined minerals and treasures

–       Jizya on Dhimmis

–       Recipients of Zakat

–       Zakat al-Fitr

and much more.

This is an introductory level suitable for beginners but will also be beneficial to students of all levels. The main sourcebook of this course will be the chapter on Prayer of the Murshid al-Mu’in of Ibn ‘Ashir and its commentaries, and the Risala of Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani and its commentaries. Reference will also be made to the Aqrab al-Masalik and its commentaries, the Mukhtasar of Khalil and its commentaries, as well as other modern and authoritative works.


Course Overview by Week:

I.              Introduction to Zakat. Conditions of validity. Wealth subject to Zakat.

II.             Time of Zakat. Minimum zakatable amount (niṣāb). Paid percentage.

III.            Zakat on livestock.

IV.            Zakat of crops. Zakat on money. Zakat on Trade.

V.             Zakat on debts. Zakat on mined minerals. Jizya on Dhimmis. Zakat on treasures.

VI.            The Zakat fiscal year. Exceptions. Grouped categories.

VII.           Recipients of Zakat. Zakat al-Fitr