Course Description

This course is the first part of a series of three courses. It is designed to provide students with an introduction to the Arabic Grammar. The topics to be dealt with will be:

  1. Brief Introduction to the Arabic Grammar (nahw)
  2. The Speech (al-kalam)
  3. Declension of Nouns (i’rab al-asma’)
  4. Declension of Verbs (i’rab al-af’al)

Although this is an introductory level for beginners, a pre-requirement for this course is that the learner should be able to read Arabic, even if he/she does not understand what he/she is reading.

The main sourcebook of this course will be the famous al-Muqaddima al-Ajurrumiyya by Ibn Ajurrum and its commentaries (at-Tuhfa as-Saniyya, by Muhyi ad-Din ‘Abdulhamid, the Commentary of Shaykh Khalid al-Azhari with the margin notes of Ibn al-Hajj and the Commentary of Shaykh al-Kafrawi) but reference will be also made to other modern books of Arabic Grammar.


Course Information:

Classes will last at least 45 minutes. Students will be able to view the sessions on a ‘Wiziq’ platform and download the file of the session along with the instructor’s notes in the presentation. Students will be able to download all materials directly from the ‘Wiziq’ platform.


Course Overview:

I. Definition and importance of learning grammar (nahw). The Speech (al-kalam). Parts of the Speech:

noun, verb and particle (ism, fi’l and harf).

II. The signs of the Noun (‘alamat al-‘ism). The signs of the Verb (‘alamat al-fi‘l). The signs of the Particle

(‘alamat al-harf). Declension.

III. Types of Declension (anwa’ al-i’rab). Signs of Raf’ (nominative case) (‘alamat ar-raf’).

IV. Signs of Nasb (accusative case) (‘alamat an-nasb).

V. Signs of Khafd/Jarr (genitive case) (‘alamat an-khafd/jarr). Signs of Jazm (jussive case) (‘alamat an-jazm).

VI. Declinable words (al-mu’rabat). Words declinable with vowels (al-mu’rabat bi al-harakat). Words declinable with letters (al-mu’rabat bi al-huruf).

VII. The verbs (al-af’al). Verbal tenses. Declension of verbes (i’rab al-af’al).